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Duelist Pack: Legend Duelist 4.
Framework Deck R: Undead World.
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Deck Build Pack: Hidden Summoners.

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Mr. Phoenix was actually the father brown of Aster Phoenix as well as a memory card father phoenix developer for Industrial Illusions. In the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX cartoons, he developed the “Destiny Heroes”, while in the manga he developed the “Legendary Planets”.

English label

Aster finds his daddy’s physical body, bordered due to the “Destiny Heroes”.

Mr. Phoenix

Mr. Phoenix operated as a memory card developer for Industrial Illusions. He at some point started producing the “Destiny Heroes”. Finding this as an option, The Light of Destruction affected Phoenix right into making a ship to house it is actually spirit. Though he made an effort to stand up to, he was actually not able to, and also inevitably made “Destiny Hero – Plasma”. This memory card was actually instilled along with the Light of Destruction, that after that started to find an individual lot. By coincidence, Phoenix’s boy Aster allowed a layout principle surprise in the wind, as well as in pursuing it ran across The D, a lawbreaker that was actually down on his chance. Aster discussed that the memory card his daddy was actually generating would certainly be among the absolute most strong ever before created. Understanding the cash that he might bring in Dueling skillfully, The D burglarized the Phoenix property that evening to swipe the memory card. The Light of Destruction inside the memory card affected him, and also he eliminated Mr. Phoenix in the arising problem. In the English dub, Mr. Phoenix was actually stated to become abducted, however his fatality was actually still cited due to the D themself. This produced his boy an orphanhood, however The D embraced Aster if you want to cover his path.


In the following a decade, The D utilized the destiny-altering energies of the Light of Destruction to rule as the champ of the Pro League, while Aster turns into a powerful Duelist that rates higher in the League themself regardless of simply being actually fifteen. Aster had actually sworn to discover his dad’s killer, and also Duels along with “Destiny Heroes” his dad produced. He understood that when he located “Plasma”, he will discover his dad’s homicide. The D ultimately welcomed Aster to his luxury yacht, and also there certainly he uncovered the fact as well as Dueled Aster. Aside from his succeeding file in the Pro League, The D had actually contended in many below ground Duels, where he had actually utilized “Plasma” to send to prison the hearts of a great number of Duelists. The initial target was actually Mr. Phoenix themself, that temporarily interacted along with Aster throughout the Duel. He recommended his boy to gain the Duel, which will discharge the spirits of the Duelists as well as cleanse the memory card. After some hesitancy, Aster accomplished this, combating The D’s technique using “Destiny Hero – Dark Angel” as well as striking along with “Destiny Hero – Celestial” to damage “Plasma” as well as gain the Duel. Through this, the spirit of Mr. Phoenix was actually lastly capable to relax in tranquility.


Mr. Phoenix may be found in the course of Franz’s hallucination among the staff members commending Chumley Huffington for generating a brand new memory card. For an inexplicable explanation, he was actually observed viable although that he must be actually dead a long period of time earlier.


Mr. Phoenix was actually a memory card professional. As a result of this truth, Tragoedia selected him as a ship. Tragoedia remained to increase Phoenix’s child Aster while having him, along with Aster none the smarter. While having Phoenix, Tragoedia made the “Legendary Planets”, which he ingrained along with the electrical power to drain percentages of electricity coming from Duelists that encountered all of them. He additionally produced the memory cards he would certainly utilize in his private Deck during the course of this time around. [1] When Phoenix’s usage went to its own end, Tragoedia asked for a conference along with Principal MacKenzie of the American Duel Academy. Throughout this appointment in MacKenzie’s workplace, Tragoedia launched his hang on Phoenix and also had MacKenzie as an alternative, eliminating Phoenix while doing so and also taking the “Legendary Planets” coming from him. [2] With MacKenzie, Tragoedia maintained in call along with Aster, along with Aster still not aware of his presence. He provided Aster “The Grand Jupiter” coming from the “Legendary Planet” set, informing him that his daddy would certainly possess wished him to possess it when he was actually fully grown sufficient. [3]




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